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Minds in Creative Status

We are Graphic Design, Communication and Web studio.

We are based in
Rosario, Argentina and Geneva, Switzerland

We can help you develop digital products for your company or enterprise (websites, virtual libraries and repositories, promotional material including banners and films) and support you with all your digital needs (knowledge management, creating workflows and programming).

We connect your needs with specialists in developing countries, offering you the best services whilst providing opportunities for these specialists to use their skills.

We monitor each project to ensure the product and support provided meet all your expectations, and ensure that the specialists in our network are paid fairly for their work. We have more than ten years’ experience supporting international organizations, nongovernmental organizations, governments, private companies, and individuals.

Our team is based in Geneva (Switzerland), Paris (France), and Rosario (Argentina), and we rely on a network of specialists that spreads across Europe, North Africa and Latin America.

We are in a constant state of search and evolution. We are curious and thrilled by challenges. We stamp our mark in every work we deliver. We are Minds in Creative Status.


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